Cleaning solutions
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Food sector Hygiene is a concept strongly linked to the food industry, making its implementation, control, and maintenance of obligatory compliance.

Hygiene practises must be made effective in all stages, from production to consumption of the final product, and that is the reason that Grup LD focuses on:

  • SYSTEMIZED CLEANING AND DISINFECTION in all production zones in order to achieve optimum hygiene conditions.
  • SPECIALIZATION of personnel through initial and continuous training, which assures the efficient establishment and development of a systemized cleaning process.
  • DETERGENTS AND DISINFECTANTS which have been especially selected for each specific requirement and area.
  • CONTROL SYSTEM and result check which demonstrates programme efficiency and the need to carry out the necessary corrections if required.

Cleaning company in Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida, Girona and Madrid. Cleaning of offices and sector industrial cleaning, health sector and food.
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