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Social responsibility

Grup LD, we believe in people

We firmly believe that the best way to boost our development is by sharing responsible working practices in order to contribute towards excellence and society progression

In addition to the management systems implemented by us, Grup LD incorporates Social Responsibility in business into the daily management of the company.

The need to move towards a more sustainable development model means that businesses must change their role in today's society. We implement this by increasing our commitment in certain areas - labour, social cohesion, environmental, clients, and suppliers, in which we voluntarily ensure social implication of the company, beyond that already required by law.

We wish to be responsible for the management of our actions and our assets, therefore we strive for sustainable development both socially and economically.

Cleaning company in Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida, Girona and Madrid. Cleaning of offices and sector industrial cleaning, health sector and food.
Carrer Elkano 64-66 Barcelona, Barcelona - 08004 Spain.