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Labour risk prevention

Risk prevention Grup LD as an organization, is committed to the monitoring and controlling labour risk management, and has designed and implemented a management system complying with the OHSAS 18001:2007 regulations, therefore going beyond the mere fulfilment of the law.
  • Compliance of current Laws and Regulations applicable.
  • Commitment of the Organization to correctly apply Labour Risk Prevention.
  • Assignment of sufficient resources to implement preventative measures.
  • Ensuring the correct attitude is applied when implementing Labour Risk Prevention.
  • Analysis of the correct work procedures and techniques, as well as ensuring the materials used do not cause risk to employees.
  • Correct theoretical and practical training for the personnel, as well as supply of the correct resources to carry out preventative measures.
  • Guarantee the correct information is supplied to employees to create their active participation and continuous improvement of Risk Prevention.

OHSAS_18001:2007 Certificate
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