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Q-E-OHS policy

Gestion del servicio

The priority of GRUP L.D. (L.D. EMPRESA DE LIMPIEZA Y DESINFECCIÓN S.A.; CATSER S.L.; L.D. EMPRESA DE LIMPIEZA Y DESINFECCIÓN CATALUNYA S.L.; EMPRESA LD, S.L.) is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. To do this we set the following objectives:

  • The continuous improvement of industrial cleaning services, through optimal management of our human resources and technical and preventive management, thus ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Ensuring environmental impacts of the company are identified and minimized, and that pollution is prevented.
  • Committing the company to the preventing of harm and of ill health.
  • The company conducts its business of cleaning and disinfection in the food chain in order to ensure food safety.
  • Train and integrate all members of the company in the culture of quality, environment, labour risk prevention, ethical management and social responsibility, through the commitment and involvement of each individual in improving the different production processes.
  • Promoting sales to consolidate the policy of expansion of the company, thereby increasing and strengthening our resources.
  • Extend to all stakeholders of the company our Quality Policy, Environment, Labour Risk Prevention and Management Ethics and Social Responsibility, and therefore making them feel committed to our project.
  • Committing the company to identifying, meeting and integrating all legal and contractual requirements of labour risk prevention, food safety, local, environmental, social and work environment as well as any additional voluntary requirements to be determined.
  • Ensuring continued improvement of the Integrated Management Quality System, Environment, Labour Risk Prevention, Food Safety and and Management System Ethics and Social Responsibility.
Cleaning company in Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida, Girona and Madrid. Cleaning of offices and sector industrial cleaning, health sector and food.
Carrer Elkano 64-66 Barcelona, Barcelona - 08004 Spain.