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Companies which have more than 50 employees must ensure 2% of all posts are designated to the disabled.
“Article 38.1: Private and public companies with 50 or more employees are obliged to have a minimum of 2% disabled employees”
Exceptions: companies which have difficulties contracting disabled employees can request exemption and opt for alternative measures.

Alternative measures which may be applied

  • Elaboration of a mercantile or civil contract at a special job centre (CET), or with a freelance employee with disability. This type of contract must be linked to the supply of raw materials, machinery, equipment, or any other type of needs necessary for the general functioning of the company, or for the lending of other services and accessories for the normal functioning of the company. The amount claimed for a post is 3 times the yearly IPREM.
  • By giving donations and sponsorships, always of monetary nature, for the promotion of employment opportunities for the disabled.

Advantages of the CET

  • They guarantee transparency in the outcome of the Alternative Measures in comparison with donating to a Foundation, and naturally the obtaining of a counter donation for the amount paid.
  • The CET offer a high level of guarantee, given that they are government controlled and audited Organizations.
  • Contributing to the creation of jobs for the disabled is a Corporate Social Responsibility that boosts the values of the employees and of the Company.
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