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Facility Services - Cleaning Services

professional cleaning services for businesses
In Grup LD work in our cleaning services with the methodology Cleaning PCP Productive Performance, which seeks efficiency by applying best practices that combine methods, tools and cleaning systems with effective processes and optimization of costs.

This combination results in a productivity increase aimed at customer satisfaction

Thus, we ensure that the client always receives the same level of excellence in the quality of cleaning services contracted through the organization of processes, methods used and a highly qualified team.

Tangible improvements of this professional cleaning service implies:

For Customers

  • professional cleaning services that improve their image
    - Best equipment and products
    - Trained human Teams: methodology and attitude
  • Improved and uniform levels of cleanliness and hygiene
  • corporate sustainability initiatives in the workplace
    - Reduced water consumption
    - Rationalization in the use of chemicals
    - Reduced energy use
  • safer working environment for employees
    - Improved hygiene level
    - Reduced chemical waste

For Workers

  • Reducing health risks
    - Reduction in the use of chemicals
    - Exposure to chemicals less aggressive
    - Equipment and supplies more ergonomic
    - Increased satisfaction
    - More hygienic methods
  • Improved performance professional
    - Professional Equipment
    - Training
    - Improved cleaning results
    - Efficiency

In a clean, caring and healthy environment are not only prerequisites for a functional workplace, but also the basis of being and productivity of employees.

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