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Facility Services - Auxiliary Services

Auxiliary Services for the company
There are few companies that have a clear picture of how much time and how many resources used to meet their daily needs Auxiliary Services.
Moreover, in a world constantly changing and increasingly competitive, no one can afford to waste time or resources, this is why outsource auxiliary services for your business is a very good choice.

Receptionists, Teleoperadoras, Secretariat, Access Control, Internal mail, internal logistics, Printing, Ordinances, room management, ...

From Grup LD we can take care of all the tasks necessary for the effective functioning of a building, industry or business center, optimally managing support service in the work of office or warehouse that companies need to carry out their professional activity.

  • Receptionists
  • Teleoperadoras
  • Registry
  • Access Control
  • Internal mail
  • Internal Logistics
  • Reprographics
  • Ordinances
  • Room Management
  • ...

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